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SiRFstarV 5e is a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) engine optimised to enable highly accurate location positioning for devices including mobile phones, cameras, and health and fitness products. By supporting fully concurrent GLONASS, GPS, QZSS and SBAS from ROM, the highest accuracy and fastest time-to-first-fix (TTFF) are ensured.

SiRFstarV 5e is offered in a size optimal 0.4mm pitch Wafer Level Chip Scale Package (WLCSP) and a 0.5mm pitch Ball Grid Array (BGA) for low cost PCB applications.

Highly Accurate GNSS operation

Accuracy, Embedded Extended Ephemeris, for faster TTFF, direct to battery, low power.

SiRFstarIV™ GSD4e WLCSP is a complete navigation processor built on a low-power RF CMOS single-die, incorporating the baseband, integrated navigation solution, software, ARM®7 processor, and RF functions that form a complete internal ROM-based standalone or Aided-GPS engine.


  • Integrated LNA
  • Single-SAW filter design
  • Fractional-N synthesiser
  • SPI control interface
  • TCXO input (crystal oscillator input/output supported)
  • TCXO power control with pre-warm-up capability
  • ADC block with selectable 2 and 4-bit quantisation
  • Automatic RF circuit tuning with digital read-out and restore by software via SPI messages

GPS Signal Processing

  • Enhanced DSP core has more than twice the clock speed and more than double the RAM capacity relative to previous DSP core
  • Scanning, detection and tracking of CW tones in IF bandwidth
  • CW filtering and excision
  • Matched filter acquisition and tracking processing based on DSP core
  • Tracking hardware based on DSP core
  • Automated internal hardware blanking capability

ARM7TDMI Microprocessor System

  • Industry-standard ARM 7TDMI CPU core
  • Uses internal ROM as code storage for PVT applications
  • Separate power domains for E-fuse, DSP core, patch RAM and ARM 7TDMI subsystem