Snapdragon 600E

Snapdragon 600E processors for embedded are designed for IoT devices and support a clear deployment path for embedded device OEMs and developers—from development kits to customized solutions—including integration services, production-ready, customizable SoMs (System-on-Modules), and SBCs (single-board computers).


  • Quad-core Krait 300 CPU at up to 1.5GHz for advanced multi-tasking and multithreaded application support
  • Performance-enhanced floating-point and SIMD functional unit with 128-bit data path, designed to use the ARM instruction set architecture (ISA), software and ecosystem
  • Optimized computational units, including double-precision calculations for fast speed on demanding applications
  • Asynchronous SMP (aSMP) technology with dedicated power management processor for optimal battery life
  • Adreno 320 Graphics with support for multiple APIs and console-quality 3D graphics with low power consumption
  • Qualcomm® Hexagon™ QDSP6 V4 (up to 500MHz) for differentiated signal processing
  • 1080p video encode/decode with multiscreen HD support and integrated HDMI
  • Support for up to 4 simultaneous cameras via 4-lane primary MIPI-CSI, 2-lane secondary MIPI-CSI & 1-lane 3D MIPI-CSI