Connectors & Cable Assemblies

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The Meritec Cable Assemblies Division manufactures cable assemblies designed to meet the most demanding electrical, mechanical and environmental requirements. Achieving the most aggressive data rates and optimal signal integrity is the benchmark for this group. Meritec cable assemblies are engineered to use both off the shelf and custom components, as well as many specialized Meritec custom designs to produce the highest quality and highest performing interconnect cabling solutions in the marketplace.

Meritec’s unique and proprietary manufacturing processes have allowed us to provide cost effective connector solutions to the electronics industry by delivering products that exceed our customers’ expectations. Meritec’s engineering group has been designing and developing card edge connectors (such as the hermaphroditic connectors), customized connectors (such as flex edge connectors), surface mount sockets and test connectors for over 40 years and is perceived in the connector industry as a leader in providing innovative solutions to customer’s specific interconnect problems.

Meritec’s creativity and flexibility offers our customers the most cost effective flat flex cable assembly solutions in the display market. Our Flat Flex Cable Assemblies Division offers a variety of creative designs that include folding, shielding and flexing options that allows their FPDI Compatible cables, LVDS cables and power cables to facilitate

All Meritec’s products are made in the U.S.A.


Computer Interconnects
Need servers, switches or routers connected? Meritec’s NX High Quality, High-Bandwidth, SFF-8470 Interconnects will get the job done. If you’re not in the market for NX interconnects, try Meritec’s Board Mount Connectors, found in a number of applications in consumer electronics.
Telecom/Datacom Cable Assemblies and Connector Solutions
If you need to move data point-to-point within existing systems, Meritec has the cable assemblies and connector solutions for you. Our unique ability to create custom interconnects offers numerous options that are enhanced by our internal capabilities and allows our customers the quick, positive response needed. We specialize in solutions for the Communications Industry with custom connector and cable assembly solutions.
Flat-Flex and 2mm Cable Assemblies
Flat-Flex and 2mm cable assemblies are two of today’s most popular cables in the ever expanding medical fields. Meritec’s FPD-1 Flat Flex Assemblies are commonly found between Board and Display interconnects. Consuming very little area, FFC is your #1 choice for displays. For those more complicated applications, 2mm will simplify the most complex application.
MIL/AERO Interconnect Solutions
Meritec supplies custom high-performance interconnect systems and custom military cables and connectors to 82 divisions of 27 Mil/Aero contractors, including Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon, and a host of others. Meritec and affiliates have designed and manufactured cable assemblies and connector products for these Military and Aerospace customers and other markets since 1967. Today’s most talked about interconnect is Meritec’s Hercules Cable Assembly, call or click today to inquire more information. Meritec is ITAR capable, being owned and operated solely in the U.S. without foreign interests; all Meritec’s products are proudly made in the U.S.A.