Transducers & Audio Products

PUI Audio

PUI Audio is North America’s largest, broadest audio components provider. They are a global supplier offering a comprehensive line of audio components with a passion for exceeding customer requirements through exceptional service. PUI’s mission is to provide customers with total sound solutions. Production of PUI products has been in Asia for over 30 years, maintaining a superior domestic quality control process in their North American headquarters located in Dayton, Ohio. PUI does 100% in-line testing during manufacturing, followed by 100% end-of-the-line testing before anything leaves the manufacturing facility.

Direct access to state of the art equipment allows for simulation of customer production conditions, enhanced product testing, product diagnostic testing, accelerated life testing and/or application specific testing. PUI also provides custom sound solutions and products. They work closely and have a direct line of contact to engineers, designers and partner closely with customers to ensure they get the product they need for their design. Products include:


  • Indicators – simple, self-driven, drop-in
  • Transducers – surface mountable, washable, heat resistant reflowable, side firing washable
  • Sirens – products suitable for applications ranging from consumer goods to industrial equipment
  • Microphones – full line of electret condenser microphones
  • Piezo Benders – perfect solution when space is at a premium
  • Speakers

    • Aerospace-quality coated water-resistant
    • Small surface mount, 13mm
    • Piezo speakers – features are:
      • Thin compact size
      • Low power consumption
      • Multiple mounting options
      • Wide frequency range