Power & Heat Dissipation

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Malico Inc. has been a supplier of advanced thermal products since 1986. Today with abundant manufacturing experiences and technical innovations, they are a leading supplier and designer in this field. As a responsible company, Malico has established ISO 9001, ISO 14001, RoHS compliance. Through their continuity management culture customers receive the best quality of service, diversity of cost-effective products, and long-term partnership.

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       High Quality Services Malico starts from the design phase all the way to rapid prototyping to help customers conquer their most demanding thermal challenges.
       Diversity of Cost-Effective Products Malico provides a variety of diverse leading-edge technologies, such as extrusion, forging, hybrid forge, die casting, machining, metel injected molding, etc. enabling delivery of the most cost-effective and highest quality thermal solutions for our customers.
       Long-Term Partnership To meet our customers’ needs on long-term stable supply and technology advancement, Malico has an established business continuity policy.

There are many options, different geometries, and technologies from passive to active cooling plus heat pipes and liquid cooling. Take look at our general Product Showroom for wide variety of standard products and services.

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Industry leading Talon Clip®
Malico’s Talon clip® is designed for easy heat sink installation. Each installation takes less than 5 seconds to complete. Talon clip’s advance technology not only improves heat dissipation, but also reduces installation time and cost. Talon clip®  is an innovative solution that fits wide variety of BGA chip sets, including plastic, copper cover, FC style, etc. Standard clips cover most application and units may be modify for your special needs. Talon Clips are suitable for BGAs of AMD, Intel, NVIDIA, SIS, VIA, XILINX, …, etc.

Trying to decide on part or technology, if you provide foot print requirements (L*W*H), airflow, Tj, Ta our engineers will be able to provide a suggested heat sink design.

If Malico’s standard heat sinks do not meet your needs, we can create a custom thermal solution using cost efficient strategies and quick response time. The following guidelines should be considered when developing a custom heat sink solution.

There are two different custom design levels.
        Modification of an existing design 
              Typically minimal or no tooling fees are required.
              Suitable for low-mid quantity usage.
              Modifications such as cutting, welding, drilling, machining. 
        New tooling approach
              Fin (pin) configuration, base size, and shape options are
                  almost unlimited. 
              Suitable for mid-high volume custom parts
              Tooling charges apply