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Markets Served by J-Squared Technologies: Military/ Aerospace, Medical, Industrial, Energy, Automation and Machine Control, Communications and Telecommunications, Transportation,  Test and Measurement.

Industrial Ethernet Switches and DIN Rail I/O and Industrial Computer Products Supplied by J-Squared Technologies

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Korenix USA provides hardened, cost-effective Industrial Networking equipment for harsh environment applications. Managed/unmanaged Power over Ethernet ( PoE ) and standard Ethernet switches, Intelligent I/O servers ( Analog/Digital ), Copper-to-Fiber Media converters ( Serial or Ethernet ) for Fiber network expansion, Wireless serial device servers.

JetView Pro is a Korenix patented Industrial Innovation Network Management System, which provides a comprehensive platform for monitoring, configuring and maintaining mission-critical IP-based industrial networks. The user-friendly software allows administrators to discover from 128 to 1024 devices automatically and efficiently manage the surveillance network performance.

In a network environment, routers, switches and computers constitute a typical network architecture. While the technological development has advanced, so has the complexity of integrating these devices. Consequently the revolution of networking devices has begun. Functional integration and usability will be standard in next generation network devices.

Korenix communication computer is the communication platform that takes router functionality, managed switching and computer functionality and rolls it all into one tiny box. Korenix provides not only API, but also the User Interface to make managing the router, managed switch, and computer functionality simple.

JetWave Wireless Outdoor AP

Korenix introduces JetWave series – a complete solution of long and mid-range wireless outdoor Access Points for flexible unwired network constructions in harbors, railways, public utilities, mining areas and other outdoor environments. Korenix’s wide range of Wireless Networking Devices is compliant with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n standards to perfectly fit your specific application needs.

JetPoE Series consists of Managed and Unmanaged PoE switches, delivering up to 30 watts via RJ45 cable while it transmits the data. All PoE are designed for industrial environment with wide operating temperatures, anti-shock, IP31, 1200V HiPot and fanless.

JetRock series is designed to provide ultra rugged protection against the threats of the toughest working environments and the roughest industrial usages. Sealed by extra thickened aluminum enclosure, JetRock achieves the highest level of ingress protection, IP67/IP68, and can withstand significant impacts. Equipped with rugged RJ45 and M12 connectors, JetRock guarantees robust connection even subjected to constant vibration and heavy shocks over the long term.

JetNet Series offers variety of state-of-art Managed and Unmanaged switches, which meets all customers’ requests, from cost-effective to value-added. In addition, JetNet 5000 Series supports Rapid Super Ring with as low as 5 ms recovery time and wide operating temperature from -20 ~ 70°C.

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iEi’s ORing product line provides a comprehensive line of managed, lite-managed, and unmanaged industrial Ethernet switches with industrial-grade ruggedness and network reliability. Choose from industrial Gigabit Ethernet switches (1 Gbps for all ports), plus other sub-categories of rack mount, fast, PoE, IP-67, and EN50155 Ethernet switches. For best performance, ORing offers flagship Thunder Series (Thunder Rail, Thunder Rack, & Thunder POE) in this product line (1 Gbps for all ports, 9K Jumbo Frame support, and many security features).

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  • World’s fastest Redundant Ethernet Ring : O-Ring (recovery time < 10ms over 250 units of connection)
  • Extend operating temperature from -40 to 70°C for “-E” model
  • Secured ACL supported
  • SNMP v1/v2c/v3 support for secured network management
  • IGMP v2/v3 (IGMP snooping support) for filtering multicast traffic

ORings ruggedized Indust rail PoE (Power over Ethernet) Switches facilitate power management and handily power distributed industrial equipment via P.S.E. ports (30W per port for the flagship Thunder POE models) with “Alive Checking” and “Power Scheduling” for powered devices.

ORing’s industrial wireless, w i r e l e s s I P – 6 7 , a n d w i r e l e s s EN50155 Access Points feature long communication range, support for IEEE 802.11 standard, and AP/bridge/repeater/AP-client/client operation modes. Some of these Access Points are even waterproof and dust-tight (the IP-67 models) – perfect for outdoor use.

EN50155 Railway Access point, VPN, and Router

TAP-3120-M12: EN50155 dual-RF IEEE 802.11 a/b/g and b/g wireless access point with 2×10/100Base-T(X), M12 connector
     TAR-120-M12:  EN50155 IEEE 802.11 b/g cellular VPN router with 2×10/100Base-T(X) , M12 connector
     TES-3080-M12:  EN50155 8-port managed Ethernet switch with 8×10/100Base- T(X), M12 connector

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Moxa provides a full spectrum of quality products for industrial networking, computing, and automation, and maintains a distribution and service network that reaches customers in more than 70 countries. Our products have connected over 30 million devices worldwide in a wide range of applications, including factory automation, smart rail, smart grid, intelligent transportation, oil & gas, marine, and mining. By continually improving staff expertise in a variety of technologies and markets, we aim to be the first choice for industrial automation solutions.

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